Monday, January 19, 2009

We're Still Here

We'll be returning from the holiday season this Saturday. Check back later in the afternoon as due to time constraints we'll make our way only through The Poison Seas and Death and the Daleks from season 4 of Bernice Summerfield.

If I can work it out you'll be seeing a Tomorrow People segment starting in February. Keep your eyes out for that.

I have been horribly remiss, but in issue 7 of Shooty Dog Thing I contributed an essay on the upcoming ten year anniversary of Big Finish. Also starting with issue 9 I'll be part of the review team, naturally doing audios. Think of it as the same booze, but with less words, less snark and no turkey or steak. My first offering will be Seasons of Fear written by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox.

Also in the horrible remiss department our friends at Forest 4 the Trees, Cathy and Keefe, did a review of Gallifrey 19 for Doctor Who Podshock back in August. It's a great convention report from the eys of first timers and they also give us a little shout out.

Speaking of Gallifrey the countdown is on as we're now less than a month away from Gallifrey 20 in Los Angeles. As last time you'll be able to find us in the lobby with either a pint or an overpriced cup of coffee in our hands. Please stop by and say 'hi' at some point. We enjoy meeting you all.

On the Big Finish front plans are being made to relaunch the Big Finish classics line with The Phantom of the Opera. New podcasts and music downloads will be made available. Apparently all they need to do is sell another 750 copies/downloads and Barnaby Edwards will be given the greenlight to produce another classic. He's got three ready to go so go help a brother out and get yourself a copy.

See you all Saturday.

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