Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gallifrey 2009 Guest Update

I guess the convention gods were reading this blog when I whinged and moaned about how the Chicago TARDIS schedule didn't allow me to see more of Colin Baker. The following is the guest announcement made by the fine people that run Gallifrey a few days ago. I sense a good friend of mine will be staying up late at night trying to figure out what to get autographed. ;)

Gallifrey Conventions is delighted to make a major announcement about two new guests for our 2009 convention:

We are extremely pleased to welcome back the Sixth Doctor, COLIN BAKER. Colin is a special sponsored guest being brought over by Alien Entertainment, a major dealer of Doctor Who memorabilia, as well as the sponsors of our annual sister convention ChicagoTARDIS and the official North American distributor of Big Finish Productions audios. Colin Baker, who played the Doctor from 1984-1986, has been with us several times in the past, and is being sponsored by Alien Entertainment for a trip to Los Angeles to help promote the Big Finish audio series. As such, he'll be signing in the dealers room at the Alien Entertainment table. However, Colin *will* be participating in the rest of the Gallifrey 2009 convention... including a panel that reunites him with his co-star Nicola Bryant (Peri) for the first time at a US convention in many years.

Meanwhile, it is our pleasure to welcome for his first North American convention actor KAI OWEN, in a visit sponsored by Tenth Planet Events. Kai is familiar to current audiences from his role as Rhys Williams, the husband of Gwen Cooper on Torchwood, who is a recurring regular on the series and whose role was expanded
during the second season. Kai Owen has also appeared on stage and in such productions as "Casualty" and "Rocket Man" as well as productions for Welsh television. Tenth Planet Events, who are long-time
dealers in the Gallifrey One dealers room, will be hosting the actor for autographs at their table; Owen will also appear on stage on several panels, including together with actor Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto).

Additionally, some very good news: GARY RUSSELL will be at Gallifrey 2009 after all! The long-time writer/producer and friend of Gallifrey One had to cancel out due to his responsibilities on Doctor Who's 2009 schedule, but has been able to make some time to get to Los Angeles after all. And STEVE ROBERTS

of the Doctor Who Restoration Team will be joining us for panels, including a look at the current and forthcoming slate of BBC Doctor Who DVDs for 2009.

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