Monday, August 18, 2008

Everything You Wanted to Know About Brax...

...was not written by me. Someone going by the handle of Lizbee on livejournal has done an awesome job of making sense of Brax's timeline here. Check the entire blog out, it's pretty darn good. Not only do they like Brax but they write pretty decent Doctor Who fanfiction and even a story involving Benny. If you like it a lot vote for it here.

You might've noticed we've got a cute little logo now. Thanks to Bob #3 for putting this together. Not bad for his first time using some program called Gimp. It's in its infancy though so expect it to change another time or two as we work towards what I really would love to have for a logo. But for now gaze lovingly at our cute first logo.

Not so cute is an ugly button you might've noticed asking you to be a part of my blog network on Facebook. The button was kind of nasty to begin with and then I made it less nasty through trial and error with code. It is clear though that the year I spent dating a computer programmer in college didn't teach me anything in that department. Ignore its nastiness though and embrace its message. Join us on Blog Networks on Facebook and help further my aim for world domination.

Big Finish has their own forums up and running. That seems to be the place where you can chat with your favorite Big Finish folks like Barnaby Edwards and talk all things audio in nature.

We're still on target for a full session on the 31st of August so tune back later that evening. That's the beginning of a week of vacation so I'm trying to do a Sapphire and Steel session and maybe some more solo stuff.

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