Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gallifrey - Day Four

Day four finds me relatively well rested as I get nearly 6 hours of sleep. Tim and Angelie: not so much. Apparently my snoring has reached epic proportions. I still do not believe the story involving my snoring and keeping half a plane up though.

I decide to forage for good at Carl's Jr and actually see the sun for at least a few minutes. It wasn't an earth shattering experience but it made my stomach stop growling so I can't complain. I also suck it up and get a cup of obscenely overprice coffee from Starbucks. In the lobby I set up shop, working on a blog entry that all fifteen of you that read this will see shortly. Eventually John and Dan, aka CaptainJackFaceofBoe, find me and we talk about how it's our first Gallifrey it won't be our last.

And yes, before I go any further I know I'm skipping Day Three. That's involved with the little surprise I have for you.

Much like Friday, there's not that much I want to hit in the panel department. We do make our way though for the Seventh Doctor roundtable with Sylv, Sophie, Lisa, Mark Ayres, and Andrew Cartmel. Nothing earth shattering though I think I could've lived without the image of a pair of Tom Baker underpants hanging in JNT's office. Speaking of JNT, probably the best bit for me was Sophie telling a story where he asked her to drop a few pounds. She as so mad that she actually put on weight and then when JNT saw her again asked what diet she was using because she looked great. Lisa then noted that that was a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. As a woman with a lovable panda bear shape I can say that story and then Lisa's comment was absolutely awesome.

Afterwards we hit the autograph lines again. We each had some items that we wanted signed that we didn't get signed during the first session. This was also Tim's first chance to get Lisa's autograph as he didn't make the Saturday session. I caused some giggles as I opened the Big Finish coffee table book to The Shadow of the Scourge page for Sylv, Sophie, and Lisa to sign. Got a lovely unsolicited inscription from Lisa. I also had fun torturing John with all the autograph combinations he could get while still working within the 2 item per guest rule.

We made it through that line and just went right back to queue for the session with Cornell and Moffat as none of us made the Friday session. The highlight of this session had to be handing Paul my copy of British Summertime and then watching as he showed it to the others at the table who hadn't seen the American version yet.

A couple more panels were hit and then it was time for closing ceremonies. The highlight here had to be Sylv playing the Doctor Who theme on the spoons and Mark Ayres forgetting which son he brought to the convention. Moffat closed out the proceedings with a well placed "Timey whimey, wibbly wobbly".

Of course though Closing Ceremonies didn't mean all the fun was over. Eventually we all made our way back up to the lobby where as usual the fun and drinks carried on well into the night. A bunch of us hung out with Lisa and Mark, discussing such items as Wal-Mart in the UK and which X Factor winner was actually going to have a decent career. This is where Handsome Timmy D completely forgot I was part of the group when he started a comment along the lines of "So, Lisa, as the only woman in the group you'd understand..." Much laughter ensued as Lisa pointed out I was right there and I noted that while I may have a jacket on I did have a couple of assets that would mark the casual observer that I was a woman. Mark was pleased that now his verbal gaffe would not be the biggest one of the evening. I totally understood though. When you're with a group of people and the only women are myself and Lisa I get that your eyes are probably gonna gravitate to her long before they look towards me. It was all good. I got free beer. :D

Later on the evening found me inside one of the bars with Cathleen and Keefe. I don't know how they managed it but they made friends with the guys running Regenerations in the UK and were quasi hanging out at Sylv's table. I obviously didn't talk to him but I can say I drank at his table and talked with his son.

Day four ended with me trying to get some sorely needed shuteye when I crawled into bed shortly before 1am.

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