Sunday, November 18, 2007

Making Up For Lost Posting Time

I just can't get enough tonight.

A little trip through technorati shows me that the ATT has been getting some love on other posts.

This first one may be the oddest thing I've seen. No clue how it happened or why, but my side trip post concerning The Coup has been translated into German. If anyone knows German and can tell me the point of the blog in general and why we got chosen that would be cool.

Second, we've been memed. I'm all about being referred to as a Gestalt Entity. I don't know about the others, but I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside now.

Anyway I (Redo) shall give this a try and maybe in a later post get the rest of the ATT gang to do so as well. The meme in question asks for 'five things about myself that other people may consider lame, but I'm actually proud of’

1. I haven't fallen for the Harry Potter mania. I can remember when the books first came out and co-workers at University of Houston couldn't put them down. I just looked at the books and thought, "wow, those are big for kids to read". To this day I haven't spent one penny on anything Potter related and I get the feeling I may be the only person left on the planet who can say that.

2. Speaking of things I refuse to buy into, Starbucks. I will purchase a cup if I'm in dire need of coffee and I have no other options. But I blame them for the decline of coffee in Western Civilization. What happened to just drinking a plain black cup of coffee? When did we need mocha choca kefir infused double no caf lattes among other frou frou versions of coffee?

3. I love Xanadu. It's cheezy and downright horrid when Gene Kelly sings, but harmless fun. I own the soundtrack on vinyl and cassette. I have roller skates because of this movie. Which I didn't hear about until I was in college.

4. 70's music. Can't get enough of it. Stuff like Dan Fogelberg, Gilbert O'Sullivan, and Barry Manilow to name a few. (Though the song, Clair, by Gilbert O'Sullivan is rather creepy)

5. I'm a huge fan of the Golden Girls and A Different World. I would be perfectly content to sit all day and watch episodes. I am quite shocked at my own knowledge of episodes and characters from each show.

I shall pass this on to the TARDIS Guy, Amy, and Global Girl.

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