Tuesday, October 9, 2007


For all five of you that we know read this blog never fear, we'll be returning probably in November. Real life has conspired to keep all three of us from getting together for the next installment. (Not that I'm complaining because the real life reason is rather fab.)

In the interim I'll be venturing out on my own with some side trip bits of the Big Finish catalog, probably the U.N.I.T series of audios starting with The Coup by Simon Guerrier in the next couple of days. In the new year I hope to have some correspondents cover other pieces within the Big Finish universe like Sapphire and Steel and The Tomorrow People. Also you might've noticed that I'm finally replying to some of the nice comments you fine folks have made the last few months. I like to feel the love so don't stop commenting.

In the pimping deparment Rob Sherman's got a book that should be out in the US in November if you believe Amazon.com, Tiny Deaths.

I'm currently working my way through Paul Cornell's British Summertime. Only about 50 pages or so in, but it's Cornell and he's yet to disappoint me as a reader.

If you're a Benny fan go pickup a copy of Nobody's Children and then enter the review contest sponsored by Jon Blum, one of the authors featured in the novella collection along with Kate Orman and Philip Purser-Hallard. For even more fun after reading the novella collection go to Phil's website and read a nifty shorty story and tidbits about the process of putting the collection together.


Dave Doty said...

Wait, is the coup the 30 minute prologue story, or the first full installment?

The Audio Time Team said...

Yeah, it's a 30 minute deal that's part of a freebie that came in a DWM issue. The other half is a Benny adventure with the Cybermen.