Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steam and Changes

We're slowly picking up steam as I see we're starting to get some comments. Thanks to those who have taken the time to let us know what they think and to those who have been spreading the word about us.

You might've noticed that we've made some cosmetic changes in the hopes of making this a tad easier on the eyes. Did we succeed?

We've locked down Sunday for our next gathering with Whispers of Terror and Beyond the Sun being on the bill for listening.

Or as I've come to call it: The Lisa Bowerman Double Feature.


invincor said...

Good luck with this project. I did a similar thing in 2003 for an email list, listening to one half-hour episode a day from January through November such that I landed on "Zagreus" just as it was released. Of course, with another 4 years of stories since then one would have to do two a day to make it in one year. So I don't envy your task ahead. ;)

The Audio Time Team said...

Yeah, sometimes we don't envy it either. But we went into this without having an end date so we're just gonna keep plugging along until we can't do it any longer. It'll help once we get out of the first season of Benny audios and they go down to 1 disk. Then we can double up and at least get current with those.