Thursday, June 21, 2007

Inaugural Post

First off, if someone has a better description I'm all ears. I think the current one is significantly less pretentious than my first attempt, but I'm down with reading your suggestions.

As the slightly new and improved description says I (Redo), along with my friends, Tim and Angelie have decided to test our endurance by trying to work our way through all the audios, including spin-offs, in the Doctor Who audio range produced by Big Finish. Think of it as the audio version of the Time Team project Doctor Who Monthly has been conducting for many years now. (And we have blog title!)

Once a month or so we'll get together for an afternoon or evening and try to get through one, if not two, audio dramas. Some times both will be from the main Who range, others might be a mix between Who, Benny, Gallifrey, or any of the other spin-offs.

We encourage comments and look forward to seeing if you agree or disagree with our opinions.

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